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Shapley's Magic Sheen - Horse Equine Shiner & Detangler



Your horse requires the very best, so that's why every horse owner should invest in this magic in a bottle. Magic Sheen is a horse coat shine that will give a protective coating to the hair shaft that will reduce hair damage and will keep the hair satiny smooth.


Magic Sheen was voted by the esteemed Horse Journal as the top choice silicone hair polish on the market! This special blend results in an exceptional shine and a lustrous, healthy coat, mane and tail. Regular maintenance has never been so easy when you use good quality products that promote healthy horse skin, hair, and overall health.

Helpful Instructions:

  • Don’t apply the coat shine to the saddle area or to mane and tails before braiding. It will make the areas slicker and harder to work with.
  • Coat shine can be applied to wet or dry coats.
  • Spray Magic Sheen on your horse’s tail several times a week. This will keep tangles from forming and help maintain a cleaner tail with less debris. One application will help remove and repel dirt and dust for up to a week. 



  • 32 oz bottle


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