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Stone Manufacturing Roaching Trimming Shears




These roaching/trimming shears are popular for sprucing up your horse or fitting livestock for show and sale. They are constructed with special quality chrome-plated steel for maximum durability. These high-quality animal shears are made with curved blades for easier use. Roaching/trimming is necessary for a number of reasons. Health, practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Maintaining the health of your horse can be easier if its mane is shorter especially if they have a wound, incision, or a parasitic infestation. Also, If a horse’s mane is longer, it could get caught in the reins or even the saddle. Some horses live in hot and humid environments, thus making living conditions more comfortable if their mane is shorter. Lastly, if your horse’s mane grows unevenly or is groomed often causing uneven growth, it’s best to use these large animal shears trim it to make it more aesthetically pleasing. 



Stone Manufacturing

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