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Professional's Choice Low Back Support





Relieve your aching back! A comfortable solution to the age old problem of back pain and the top choice of medical professionals for over 20 years! The limestone-based neoprene offers four-way stretch for full mobility while retaining body heat to provide soothing moist heat therapy, keeping muscles loose.

Fully adjustable, it’s great for relieving tight or sore backs due to heavy lifting, sitting or riding for long periods of time.

Made with closed-cell limestone-based neoprene
Won't crack or crumble, returns to its original shape even after thousands of repetitions, easy to maintain, won't absorb sweat
4-way stretch and heat retention properties allow full mobility while maintaining moist heat therapy, which increases blood flow
Hook fasteners
Convenient application and easily adjustable for a comfortable fit
Slim styling
Can be worn under or over clothing

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

30-Day money-back guarantee.


Professional's Choice



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