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Laredo Curb Bit



Western riding deserves the very best tack for the toughest terrain, the strong-willed woman, and your reliable horse. This horse bit has a very durable, low leverage shank with excellent balance. It is a quarter horse curb bit that is chrome plated and tough enough for the roof of a horse's mouth. It is constructed with a medium port and a copper cricket that works well for those horses who love to play with their bit. This Lardeo horse bit applies pressure to help with better headset and control, so rest assured that your horse will be in great shape with this western bit.



  • Metalab Cricket Quarter Horse Bit
  • Level Two
  • Finish: Chrome Plated
  • MP: 5'' Medium Port, Copper Cricket
  • CP: 6-1/2'' Short Shank



  • 5” mouth 
  • 6 ½” cheeks





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