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Weaver Leather Half Breed Billet



A standard for most western saddles, most cowgirls are used to common leather or nylon off billets used to attach and secure the cinch to the offside of a saddle. But over the last few years, the leather "Half Breed" style off billet has been used for work and ranch style saddles. 


Half breed off billets distributes even pressure at the rigging and cinch dees. This is an effective use in the off billet not to put pressure in the hole of the off billet making it more durable than your standard off billet. The half breed billet is also made with more options for adjustability for easier and overall better use. Each half breed off billet is made with burgundy latigo leather. 



  • Burgundy 


Billet Strap Measurements:

  • 1-¾” x 72”




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