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Double Diamond Brannaman Lead Rope for Horses





Brannaman Lead is a 12’, high quality, durable rope used by all women who ride to train and walk their horses. Attach the horse lead using a clip to a halter, cavesson, neck ring, or rope halter. Made from 1/2" diameter tree line rope, it is melted on one end to prevent fraying and is designed with a leather popper on the other end. The heavy-duty rope has a great weight and feel with enough texture for a good grip for work around the ranch. The Brannaman lead is essential to every cowgirl and her horse. Walk your horse with confidence, with the proper equipment, and never compromise on quality. 



  • 12’ in Length
  • ½” Diameter


  • Black 
  • White

DD # 7512
Double Diamond

Double Diamond Halter Company

"We are proud to offer the finest handmade rope halters and horse tack. Built by cowboys, tested by broncs."

Each of these fine halters are hand-tied in the great state of Montana. At times the demand exceeds the availability. We here at Animal Health Express will do our best to process your order, offer you subsitutes if you need and keep you updated with the shipment status. We appreciate your business!



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