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Berlin’s Split Harness Leather Reins 7 ft


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Ladies love these leather, western reins! Classy, soft, pliable, and durable, these split reins with water loop ends provide comfortable handling and reliable communication to your horse.

Made in the United States from Berlin Custom Leather. Berlin carries on traditional leather craftsmanship in all its products and combines quality leather and legendary Amish tack craftsmanship that works. Built tough for the working cowgirl.

Berlin only uses top grain leather made by Hermann Oak Leather which is tanned in the USA by four generations of the Hermann family! Slow and careful tanning results in the strength and richness of each leather rein produced. Leather has a character of its own, reflected in the natural range of scars acquired during the growth of the steer. Each unique quality on  Berlin’s leather split reins are worth the price for longevity and beauty.


  • 7’ long
  • ½” thick 


  • H127
  • H387



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