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K Bar J Basic Chinks with Strings





Basic Chinks with Strings

K Bar J Classic Chinks are a great everyday working chink. They won't shred in heavy brush. Featuring a with a full wrap around the leg style with two adjustable leg straps that snap shut.

Made from heavier weight leather, they won't shred in heavy brush. Choose from smooth leather or rough out leather. Colors vary due to the differences in cow hides. Some hides may have minor blemishes such as brands or barb wire scratches that add, uniqueness and character.

Waist bands are smooth leather, string tie closure in the front, back strap buckle allows you to adjust to your comfort.

We have various colors and concho styles

  • Call us! We can send pictures of our stock and you can choose your perfect pair!
  • Leave notes on your order and we will be in contact with you to best fit your requests from our stock.
  • If you don't have any preferences, skip the notes and we will choose a pair for you!
  • Want a custom pair? These chinks can be made to your specifications.

You won't buy a better Chink for the dollar.

Sizes Available: Small, Medium, or Large. Not sure of your size. Call us for easy measurement process!

K Bar J

K Bar J



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