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Vida Vaquera

Made for women who ride and horses that get the job done, Vida Vaquera is all about embracing our western roots and doing in with the right equipment. We take pride in providing exceptional quality products and unmatched customer service, and we always hold true in our commitment to you and your horses! Vaquera life is the gold standard for women who ride.

About Us

Who We Are

Here at Vaquera, our way of life is tranquil, yet hard working. We aim to emulate the very core of who we work for- the unrivaled cowgirl and the superior horse. Vaquera sets the bar high in premier horse tack, western saddles, and horse care. We bring you cowgirl reserved, high-quality products that are made sturdy and built to last for your gentle giants. Fit your horse with the best trail saddles, western tack, and other horse supplies from top brands

Vaquera was founded on the backs of western horses and the sweat from those caring for them. We wanted a place for the modern cowgirl to trust for durable, high-quality products, not only for her but for her gentle companion.

We are the western woman providing for the western woman. Our roots run deep within the land, and our horses are the essence of who we are. Hardworking, graceful, passionate, and free. Vaquera is a name earned and a title with much responsibility. Caring for your horse is not an easy task. With much of your life dedicated to your gentle companion, we understand the need for quality and durability. From saddles to horse care we've got it all in one place.

Our Goal

Vaquera's goal is to provide top, high-quality products, and exceptional service while still holding true to our western roots. Our team works directly with manufacturers in the United States, and we take pride in keeping up with the latest and best products on the market today. Our team is run by experienced horse riders and western women who know a thing or two about western living. Vaquera's pride in the west is contagious. Our goal is for every one of our customers to be completely satisfied with the reliability of our products and the honest service they receive.

We Care

At Vaquera, we understand the importance of proper equipment and durability that lasts for years. We want your horses to receive optimal care so that they perform at their very best. We care about our customers and the safety and well-being of their horses. We want the absolute best for both and aim to give you just that, the very best. At Vaquera, we are western women who want all western women to know they have found a place that cares and understands safety. We care about the importance of well-built, reliable products for you, and your gentle giants.



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