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Land O’Lakes Mare’s Match Milk Replacer (Powder/Pellets)


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LAND O LAKES®Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer and foal transition pellets are formulated for feeding orphan foals or foals born to mares with low milk supply. Foal transition pellets help foals transition through the stress of weaning. Milk-based foal pellets provide increased energy and balanced nutrition when they need it most. Transition pellets can also provide extra nutrition for broodmares and performance horses.

Mares Match Milk Replacer was developed for the Purina Animal Nutrition Center to help orphans foals through the tough early stages of life. A newborn foal represents the future. The right nutrition during the first few months of life is essential if a foal is to achieve its full potential as an adult. 

FOB of 20 lbs applies to shipping.

Feeding Directions:

Follow for the first eight weeks following the suggested feeding schedule*:

  • 2-7 days old: 4 feedings per day/ 4-8 quarts total
  • 8-14 days old: 4 feedings per day/ 6-12 quarts total
  • 15-28 days old: 3 feedings per day/ 8-15 quarts total
  • 29-35 days old: 3 feedings per day/ 6-12 quarts total
  • 36 days old-weaning: 2 feedings per day/ 4-8 quarts total


*Amounts should be adjusted based on breed and desired growth rates

Helpful Hints:

Foal milk replacer should be mixed in water between 10-120 degrees Fahrenheit. When it is delivered it should be at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. For accurate mixing, make sure to weigh both the milk replacer powder and water.


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