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Passion On The Saddle

Vaquera life is not a simple and easy path by any means. The western woman lives by nature's rules on her own dirt roads. Some would say it is easier to live a simpler life, a life without constant dirt and dust, without the early mornings, without the responsibility, and the satisfaction of a hard day's work. Maybe it would be better to live a life away from the ranch. For the women who have the dedication, the grit, and the passion for the Vaquera life, there is no other life worth living. 

Western women take pride in ending their days, knowing they've worked and worked hard. They are the kind of women who understand the meaning of earning their sleep and being thankful for a new sunrise. They acknowledge their work contributes to a greater purpose and that no job is too small. They enjoy the little things in life like that crisp, fresh breeze on a scorching day and the first bite of their meal at the end of the day. To work is one thing, but to live your passion even though the aches and pains is the Vaquera life. 

Browse through our collection of western horse tack, care, and cowgirl accessories. We are the premier shop for everything a western woman needs for her horse and to complete her western life. We take pride in seeking out the very top brands and high-quality products for the very experienced rider down to even the most novice of cowgirls. We grow with the western rider and are there for her in every season of her life. Grow with us and experience the wild west the Vaquera way.



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